Data Culture

Unlock the power of your data—and your people—to move your metrics up and to the right

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Data Culture

Move your metrics up and to the right

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What is a Data Culture?

A Data Culture is the collective behaviors and beliefs of people who value, practice, and encourage the use of data to improve decision-making. As a result, data is woven into the operations, mindset, and identity of an organization. A Data Culture equips everyone in your organization with the insights they need to be truly data-driven, tackling your most complex business challenges.


Practice data-driven behaviors

Align data and analytics to business outcomes.

Value strategic data use

Prioritize data in decision-making and business processes.

Encourage sharing & community

Unite over a shared mission to lead with data.

Invest in Data Culture and technology to become a data-driven organization

Organizations are investing trillions to become more data-driven, but only 8% successfully scale analytics1 to get value from their data. Becoming a data-driven organization requires investments in both Data Culture and technology to shift how people make decisions.

Empowered with Data Culture and the right technology, people can ask questions, challenge ideas, and use data—not just intuition—to make decisions. And everyone unites over a shared mission to improve their organization and themselves with the power of data.

Data Culture plus Technology equals a Data-driven organization


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"Tableau was the catalyst to help employees have that ‘aha data moment.’ That flicker of data cognition turning into deeper understanding was what Nissan needed for success in a digital world."

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Hear from customers who lead with a Data Culture

Learn how Jaguar Land Rover is redefining innovation in the automotive industry by embracing a Data Culture.

See how the Seattle Seahawks have transformed their fan experience and the business of football through their data-driven approach.

Watch our customers across our Asia Pacific region discuss how they built a Data Culture through our “Data Dialogues” video series.

Start building a Data Culture with these resources

Data Culture Playbook cover

Get the playbook to becoming a data-driven organization

The Data Culture Playbook is for leaders who want to build a resilient, data-driven organization. Learn how to build the foundational behaviors and mindsets of a Data Culture, starting with four key focus areas:

  • Align leadership metrics to business priorities
  • Build data sources to address critical decision points
  • Grow value with specific use cases
  • Promote widespread data discovery

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Learn about the impact of data literacy

Data literacy—the ability to explore, understand, and communicate with data—builds a strong Data Culture and helps people and businesses thrive. By prioritizing and investing in data literacy, organizations reduce the analytics skills gap, experience greater collaboration, competitive advantages, and more. Discover how to start, find expert guidance, and access key resources.


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Blog: Build a resilient future with these data-driven habits

Learn how to establish a resilient foundation and invest in the future by building a Data Culture.

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Webinar: How to run, build, and expand your Data Culture

Learn how to create more value by maturing organization-wide data usage with the Data Culture Playbook.

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Blog: How to nurture a healthy Data Culture in 3 steps

Every company is a data company, but modern enterprises cultivate Data Cultures. Read 3 ways to begin cultivating your Data Culture.

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"When we first started with Tableau, we were just thinking about dashboarding and reporting. We never thought Tableau would fundamentally change the DNA of the organization."

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Tableau is your partner in Data Culture

Tableau dashboards

World's leading analytics platform

Only Tableau combines a laser focus on how people see and understand data with the robust, scalable platform you need to run the world’s largest organizations.

Tableau Blueprint

Methodology to build a data-driven org

Get curated best practices and prescriptive guidance to build the capabilities you need to create a data-driven organization with Tableau Blueprint.

Data Leadership Collaborative

Unparalleled community

The Data Leadership Collaborative connects like-minded leaders as they create data-driven organizations. Learn, establish relationships, and build a network.