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Propel your data culture with generative AI.

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Tableau AI is for everyone.

Tableau AI brings trusted generative AI to the entire Tableau Platform to democratize data analysis and simplify insights consumption at scale. This next generation of Tableau accelerates time to value and reduces repetitive tasks for the data analyst with smart suggestions and in-product guidance. And because Tableau AI is built on the Einstein Trust Layer, it allows administrators to enable trusted, ethical, and open AI-powered experiences without compromising data security and privacy. Tableau AI also empowers business users with smart, personalized, and contextualized insights in the flow of work.

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Supercharge analysts.

Get from data preparation to visualization faster with a trusted advisor right in the flow of work.

Einstein Copilot for Tableau

Author vizzes and transform data faster with a trusted AI assistant. Einstein Copilot for Tableau guides you through data exploration, helps uncover trends and patterns across data, and provides best practices for content creation inside of Tableau. Drive deeper, more accurate insights for faster decision-making across your organization.

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Give admins a trusted foundation.

Leverage all the productivity gains of generative AI without compromising on data security and privacy.

Einstein Trust Layer

Tableau AI is built on the Einstein Trust Layer. This trust layer resolves concerns of risks associated with adopting generative AI by enabling customers to meet their enterprise data security and compliance demands while offering customers the benefits of generative AI. Administrators can enable building trusted, ethical, and open AI-powered experiences that fit the business needs without compromising data security and privacy.

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Empower business users.

Gain distilled, meaningful insights from all your data to guide every decision.

Tableau Pulse

Powered by Tableau AI, Tableau Pulse is a reimagined data experience for business users that will empower every employee with smart, personalized, and contextual insights delivered directly in their flow of work.

Thanks to the generative AI capabilities of Tableau AI, Tableau Pulse surfaces automated analytics in plain language, proactively anticipates user questions and even suggests questions they might not have thought of otherwise. Tableau Pulse transforms how people engage with their data, helping everyone in an organization become data-driven.

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Explore our current AI capabilities.

Data Stories

Add automated, plain-language explanations to your dashboards in seconds.

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Explain Data

Discover the "why" behind insights with dynamic visualizations allowing deeper exploration.

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Einstein Discovery in Tableau

Bring trusted and transparent predictions and recommendations to everyone.

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Tableau is named a leader in Forrester's Augmented BI Platforms Wave.

See why Forrester named Tableau a Leader in The Forrester Wave for Augmented Business Intelligence Platforms

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